Henry Berry

Upon his death in 1784, Martin Berry passed to “sons Henry Berry and Jacob Berry my old place I now possess and live in, the land to be divided between them, Henry to have the Northernmost with the improvements there on…” The “improvements” mentioned are the house; the house, therefore, passed to Henry and his wife Keziah DeMott Berry.

Henry Berry was born in Pequannock on December 4, 1734. He married Keziah DeMott (born 1744) and they had at least 5 children: Martin H., Henry H., Isaac, Samuel and Jane. Henry Berry was a prominent member of society, serving 30 years as justice of the peace. In August 1785, the first taxes following Martin’s death, both Henry and Jacob were taxed for 130 acres of improved land and 20 acres of unimproved. Thirteen years, later, in September 1797, Henry had acquired additional land and he and three of his sons (Henry, Samuel and Martin) were taxed for 144 acres of improved land and 44 acres of unimproved among other possessions. Henry passed away on February 19, 1817 in Preakness.
The house passed to his son Henry H. Berry.

Transcribed from HMR Architects Martin Berry House Preservation Plan.