Thank You for Furnishings Campaign Donations

Our Furnishings Campaign has been a great success. It is thanks to you, our supporters, that we have accomplished so much. The Pequannock Township Historical Society wishes to thank all of those who have given their time and money to help Preserve The Martin Berry House. We have come a long way over the past couple of years and your continued support is greatly appreciated!
Many thanks to our Furnishings Campaign Donors:


Millennium Level


Roaring 20s Level

Betsy Lancaster
Jan Vicine
Jay Wanczyk
Martin Williams
Paul Havemann

Union Level

Ed Engelbart
Fran Myklusch

Independence Level

Anne Albinak
Jane Costello
Judith Pohl
Kerry O’Brien
Lynn Reinhardt-Zawonski
Mark Convoy
Olga and Michael Rodiger – In Honor of Cathy Winterfield
Ruth Spelman

Colonial Level

Anonymous Donations
Dot Sisco

Thanks to ALL Our Supporters

Any Amount